Flowers Foods, Inc. (NYSE:FLO)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

The Company is a producer and marketer of packaged bakery foods for retail and foodservice customers. Its businesses are organized into two reportable segments: Flowers Bakeries and Flowers Specialty.


Player Avatar fewl10 (< 20) Submitted: 12/17/2007 5:28:20 PM : Underperform Start Price: $10.68 FLO Score: -22.24

"A market beater (tripled) over the past five years." Pretty strong case for being bearish, don't you think? Thanks for the info, Dave.

This stock is obviously overpriced. I'm a little nervous about the mere .08% decline today, but I think a P/E of 24 isn't realistic for a new, obscure bakery. It's probably because no one even cares. And I'm not really loyal to any bakeries. Are you?

And, I hate to be the only bear on here, but you know, wearing the bear hat has made me a lot of money lately. This one is perfect. Dull-normal industry. And everyone just loves it. Guess like Cramer says, there's no one else to convince. I like to talk about financial gravity. The higher up on the graph the stock gets, the greater the pull of financial gravity to finally bring it back to earth.

No, I didn't dig into any numbers. Look at the forest, not the trees.

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Member Avatar tiger13drew (< 20) Submitted: 8/21/2009 12:54:00 AM
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What makes you think that it is overpriced? The population keeps getting bigger, so more food is needed and therefor sold, and in America that means bread. They have good brand loyalty, and do well enough to split almost like clockwork. This is not some superstar stock, but slow and steady at a pace that still outperforms most

Member Avatar bocibean (< 20) Submitted: 7/30/2013 2:06:20 AM
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just a money machine people gotta eart!

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