Furiex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:FURX.DL)

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I'm just jealous. Frankly I can relate to to the patients the IBS needs.

However, this appears to be bloated for now. 2M shares traded on a 5M float.

Pancreatitis concerns from earlier studies seem to have been resolved in this study, so maybe no real gotchas on the way to FDA dates. But, I question the area of:

US required effectivity over a placebo for 12 Weeks, EU required for 26.

"In the second study, both doses of eluxadoline were numerically and statistically superior to placebo at the FDA-mandated 12 week time point, but at 26 weeks, only the higher 100 mg dose of eluxadoline was better than placebo"

Second, this is a dual purpose drug, Opiad for pain and the IBS diarrhea. The pain half had minimal effect. As an Opiad, however, the risk of abuse is minimal for this application.

Overall, this looks like a go to market winner, and Furiex is getting income from another product to offset some expenses without issuing too many more shares, but I expect some pull back due to the limited float, patience of biopharm investors and time to approval, market, revenue and debate on size of potential.

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