Player Avatar PopsDaniecki (29.78) Submitted: 2/12/2007 2:52:28 AM : Underperform Start Price: $8.27 GGB Score: -23.90

I'm ready to see this one fall off into the second quarter and perhaps a bit beyond. Also a

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Member Avatar dontwannabebroke (< 20) Submitted: 9/25/2008 2:10:37 PM
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What about now? Are you ready buy? It's looking attractive to me right about now...

Member Avatar BigFatBEAR (29.29) Submitted: 10/15/2008 7:12:28 PM
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If you really don't wanna be broke, then I'd stick to indexing and blue chips during this volatility. ;) But if you have lots of money and lots of guts, perhaps buy this in a month or two, when we better know where the market is headed.

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