Golar LNG Limited (USA) (NASDAQ:GLNG)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5

The Company and with its subsidiaries is engaged in the acquisition, ownership, operation and chartering of LNG carriers.


Player Avatar troym72 (45.68) Submitted: 9/8/2011 10:42:21 AM : Outperform Start Price: $32.73 GLNG Score: +29.75

Just when you thought that Golar's bubble was going to burst, they continue to outperform the market. This is crazy. They aren't even turning a profit for gosh sakes! Okay, I'm going to make a purely a technical move here and thumb up GLNG, but I know that its day to fall is coming.

Member Avatar baselineace (< 20) Submitted: 12/17/2011 4:29:41 AM
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What did you expect when you have the big funds pumping LNG like there's no tomorrow?

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