Corning, Inc. (NYSE:GLW)

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Corning makes specialty glass and ceramics that are used in everything from flat-screen TVs to optical fiber to biosensors for drug research.


Player Avatar avanwart (< 20) Submitted: 7/28/2011 2:38:13 PM : Outperform Start Price: $14.82 GLW Score: -4.88

Corning seems to be a well respected name in Western markets. They are creating conditions to take advantage of China's appetite for TV's, Tablet P.C.'s, as well as mobile phones. All of these products have been touted to use Gorilla glass. Furthermore, the current markets that Corning has established provide arguments for continued revenue streams at levels that give a P/E well below 10 (at the time of this post). Questions to ask are:1) Why is Gorilla glass so important for displays (Besides durability)?2) Are other companies able to make comparable materials?3) Why not use polycarbonate or polymer-based protective covers?4) How well does Gorilla Glass protect against UV transmittance?I give Corning a major thumbs up as ties with Apple and Samsung continue to strengthen. If Corning's Gorilla Glass continues to be the choice for OLED displays then we are looking at a potentially wide moat for years to come. Lastly, I would look for evidence of acquisitions (PANL anybody?). Corning has cash to burn and this could be used to leverage market position... I am curious to see what strategic investments Corning will make in the future years other than just ramping up production capacity.

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Just another note, at this years CES there was a new thinner version of the already desired Gorilla Glass. Which makes it all more desireable!

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