Corning, Inc. (NYSE:GLW)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5

Corning makes specialty glass and ceramics that are used in everything from flat-screen TVs to optical fiber to biosensors for drug research.


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Corning has fallen on hard times since the TV display business is not doing well now. However, both gorilla glass and fiber optic cables will eventually pick up. These are the display and telecommunications segments, which get most of the attention.

Corning has 5 segments of the company, and I look to both environmental and life sciences divisions to play an increasingly important role in a world where both pollution control and lab research to help people overcome health threats is part of the new normal.

While the specialty materials segment has about 150 combinations of glass, ceramics, and crystals it sells for various uses, some day better uses for these materials will possibly be found, as with gorilla glass.

Corning is one of the few technology companies positioned to sell its products no matter which particular manufacturer wins the smart phone or tablet wars. Perhaps over 160 years of experience with innovation has had something to do with not only excellence in products but strategic positioning of the company.

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