Corning, Inc. (NYSE:GLW)

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Corning makes specialty glass and ceramics that are used in everything from flat-screen TVs to optical fiber to biosensors for drug research.


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"Global glass technology leader" may be a pretty substantial moat for this mature and experienced company. GLW products become part of products that we will need more of for the foreseeable future: smartphones and construction.

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America, Corning, Invented, Thomas Edison's light bulb to the Gorilla Glass for Apple's iPhon,for Steve Jobs. I am proud to be part of history! Yes founded in 1851 by Amory Houghton, in Somerville, Massachusetts, originally as the Bay State Glass Co. It later moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, and operated as the Brooklyn Flint Glass Works. The company moved again to its ultimate home and namesake, the city of Corning, New York, in 1868! I was born 100 years later! Chang is AWESOME.. under leadership of the founder's son, Amory Houghton, Jr.

Over 140 years later, Corning continues to maintain its world headquarters at Corning, N.Y. The firm also established one of the first industrial research labs there in 1908. It continues to expand the nearby research and development facility, as well as operations associated with catalytic converters and diesel engine filter product lines. Corning has a long history of community development and has assured community leaders that it intends to remain headquartered in its small upstate New York hometown
Gorilla Glass was used in the first iPhone released in 2007 according to the book "Steve Jobs" THINK ABOUT IT!
STEVE JOBS....APPLE.....history is now our future! Goggle...should RESPECT...our Country's history and Future...Who else can still create a unthinkable future and I am excited to here the "Big News" what Steve Jobs, Apple and Corning and I quote It’s a message Jobs sent the day the iPhone came out: “We couldn’t have done it without you.”
Over its 150-year history Corning invented a process for rapid and inexpensive production of light bulbs (Corning developed the glass for Thomas Edison's light bulb)

I am ready and eager to see what is next! Come on our Mr. President:)

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