Graham Packaging (NYSE:GRM)

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Player Avatar cecamadocv (99.98) Submitted: 4/1/2010 1:48:14 PM : Underperform Start Price: $13.00 GRM Score: +3.07

R u serious? Cmon... This will go down

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Member Avatar daddybyday (31.11) Submitted: 1/29/2011 1:21:45 PM
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Thanks for your incisive and expert analysis here. You forgot to say, "Neaner, neaner." Thanks to your studied remarks, I now feel as if I have a full understanding of the intricacies of the bear position on this stock.

Member Avatar watersports2001 (32.99) Submitted: 4/4/2013 3:37:58 PM
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how much lower can it get its at 0 dollars close your under perform

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