GlobalScape Inc. (NYSEMKT:GSB)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5


Player Avatar johnkernan22 (23.70) Submitted: 11/14/2007 8:19:20 PM : Outperform Start Price: $5.74 GSB Score: -107.91

Truely a hidden gem. This one does gyrate wildly but the move from $4.00 has been solid. Consolidation around $6.50 seems to have set the floor. Does a lot of government work. Always like people good enough for government work!

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Member Avatar bluedome (86.79) Submitted: 4/22/2008 11:59:04 AM
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even better deal at $2. I bought with real money.

Member Avatar AgeOfRobots (65.93) Submitted: 6/12/2008 3:46:47 PM
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GlobalScape is most definitely a hidden gem that is severely undervalued at current prices. It is hard to believe that the company is still under the radar when it sports fundamentals that greatly exceed the industry's averages:1. No debt2. ROE of 30%3. ROIC of 27%4. Net profit margin of 21 %5. 5 year growth rate of 30%6. Oh yeah - and flush with cash: Quick Ratio > 2All I can say is - get in before everyone else wakes up!

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