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People can get all excited about peripheral issues, but given that this stock's ROIC using Buffett's calculation for Owner Earnings is -31.3%, Owner Earnings Yield of -15.9%, with debt of around $700 million on TTM operating income of $99 million. Adding $5 to the bottom line after payment of the SEC fines are complete doesn't change this reality. Where's their demostrated profitability? Where's their competitive advantage?

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What is the formula for calculating Buffett's Owner Earnings and Owner Earnings Yield? Thanks for sharing.

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C.R.O.I.C or R.O.I.C. = Return of investment cash. Google that. Phil Town, Jim Cramer, and Warren Buffet.....You gotta believe and like the Company or don't invest in it, unless you are a day trader needing date money for Friday. Phil Town, "Rule Number 1 book is one of the most simple ways of doing the math to find out your answer. I think MSN has this info also

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