Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ)

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Hewlett-Packard aims to offer it all in the tech world, from hardware and servers to technology services to enterprise IT management.


Player Avatar sikiliza (< 20) Submitted: 2/22/2013 3:34:57 PM : Underperform Start Price: $19.18 HPQ Score: -22.60

I just don't believe that Whitman will be able to save this behemoth from itself. They were caught napping, have had a ten year streak of awful decision-making and leadership and their products are not really that desirable anymore.It takes a long time to turn around an aircraft carrier and even longer to to turn around one that is damaged.

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Member Avatar stockgripes (99.18) Submitted: 2/22/2013 3:56:40 PM
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Just an FYI, she just brought HP value for 50+ billion to 33 billion. So, technically it is still 50+ billion but on the paper it is not. Hence the earning ratio just got better. Also, HP is going forward big time in cloud. So, they may not lead, they have good enuf marketing to be #2. However you slice it, the share belongs somewhere in mid 30's.

Member Avatar sikiliza (< 20) Submitted: 4/3/2013 3:27:44 PM
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It's very difficult to reverse years of horrible decision-making. HPQ doesn't even have an identity of their own. What are they? A hardware makeer? A hardware maker in transition? Their products are shoddy and undependable and their leadership has been less than stellar. Further, people tend to think that they can pull off an IBM. They forget that whilst IBM saw the writing on the wall and made some really crucial big moves like selling their PC/Laptop business to Lenovo after a few years partnering with Lenovo, Meg Whitman wants us to believe that HP can make it out of their current morass by taking little steps at a time.

I don't see that happening. HP's closest competitor is Dell and we all know what's going on at Dell right now, even with the founder still present and active. HP lost its mojo a long time ago and Whitman along with her cohorts are merely opportunists looking to cash out on the hopes of investors and employees who do not understand that there may be no return to the glory days.

BTW - How do you hire a failed politician as CEO? I am sure Whitman is still looking for a way to gain political prominence whereas she should be 110% focussed on HP.

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