Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDIX)

CAPS Rating: 2 out of 5

A biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs for the treatment of human viral and other infectious diseases with operations in the United States and Europe.


Player Avatar darkflame (92.56) Submitted: 4/15/2007 6:57:16 PM : Outperform Start Price: $7.26 IDIX Score: +187.56

What company is this ?'s a small biotec company, Novartis owns more than 10% of it and isnt selling any shares. Novartis bought more than 4 million shares of IDIX at a price over 20 dollars per share. What's the price today ? About 7 dollars. Unfortunally relating to biotec knowledge I'm not Charly Travers and I honestly know nearly nothing about evaluating the inside value biotechnology companies, BUT, I guess the guys from Novartis know a lot and if they bough so many shares at 20 dollars per share I suppose this company is worth 20 dollars per share for somebody, so I might happily throw a couple thousand dollars to buy shares at todays price.

Also, about a year ago SOMMADOSSI JEAN-PIERRE, an Officer, bought 10.000 shares at 9 dollars per share. Ok, 10.000 isnt that many, but the guy might not be swimming in money either.

More info, Market Cap is about 400M and the company is 120M in cash ready to burn.

Price to book value is below 3... at this price I would even buy a big company like Intel, and Enterprise Value/Revenue is a confortable 4, while Microsoft is slighly over 5. If this company was profitable I wouldnt hesitate to call it a value play, this way....I'll just guess that it's a value play :)) The signs are there

Outperform dude! Here be no dragons (hope so).

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Member Avatar darkflame (92.56) Submitted: 7/13/2007 11:45:47 AM
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Bang Bang.... IDIX is down, 33% just today, and so is my score too.For those who Rec my previous comment, please drop by to get your Rec back... Lesson of the day, I tried to put my nose in Biotec and I really know nothing about biotec. I should keep in my circle of competence, within predictable stuff, easy to understand with valuations that make sense, like oil,coke, food, cigarettes...pffff...biotecs, thanx a bunch.

Member Avatar streetflame (30.27) Submitted: 11/1/2009 4:59:04 PM
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"120M in cash ready to burn"

Ready, and all too willing.

Member Avatar geomedf (< 20) Submitted: 1/13/2012 5:06:03 AM
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Steve Jobs burned through most of his cash in his "ventures," and in the end, did well and the world was transformed.
At JPM health conference this week in SF, Ron Renaud Pres/CFO IDIX) stated a cash balance of $118.3 M as of 12/31/2011. He stated that the cash burn of the past is now better managed, that the 2011 balance sheet has reflected this, and that there is more than enough cash to fund current "robust" pipeline well into 2013. link is As to valuation of pipeline, INHX (also in HCV phase 2 space) was acquired at a 126% premium this week, but did they get a bargain or did they overpay, only time will tell. IDIX is a small player that eventually will need to partner with big pharma to take IDX 184 and the rest of their significant Nuc chemistry expertise and broad Nuc intellectual properties of approved drug candidates to the finish line, currently conservatively valued by analysts worth $3 B annually in the HCV space. Just imagine a new oral and curative regimen that will stop an epidemic of a previously incurable disease. No more IV therapy, interferon side effects, cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer or liver transplant for HCV patients. Hard to put a price tag on that, JMHO.

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