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For a minute there I thought the market was wising up. After spiking as high as 0.72 in advance of their 11/13/11 PDUFA for spurious buproprion reformulation CPI-300, the share price dumped immediately after the open last Friday on news that CPI-300 had been approved. I figured smart traders had registered the fact that IntelGenx is soon going to be the company of NO - no cash, no partner, no sales. The share price bottomed at 0.48 on Monday morning but today a strange event occurred - buying. I don't know who these geniuses were that took the share price to 0.575 today but I was happy to take my win and reverse the flow on this stock as promised.

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Strong fundamentals here.. One of the cheapest Biotech Stock out there !

1) Very Very low Market cap of $23.5 M
2) Mega drug Pipeline of 9 Products including a potential Blockbuster
3) 2 New NDA filings in 2012
5) Cash till 2014
6) Very strong Institutions and Insider in this stock holding over 50% of this Company
7) low float Stock

Intelgenx (IGXT.OB)

Market Cap : $26.1 M
Price: 0.56

Shares Out : 46 M (28 M shares held by Institutions and Insiders)

IntelGenx Announces FDA Approval of Its High Dose Anti-Depressant CPI-300

Company Presentation


interview with ceo


Upcoming Milestones

Upcoming Milestones

Q4, 2011 Complete licensing agreement for CPI-300

Q4, 2011 Execute definitive agreement for new development and licensing VersaFilm project

Q4, 2011 Execute definitive agreement for bipolar disorder

Q4, 2011 Obtain FDA approval for CPI-300

Q2, 2012 Complete pivotal biostudy for anti-migraine VersaFilm

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Please go back to Yahoo.

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