Interactive Intelligence (NASDAQ:ININ)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5

The Company is a provider of software applications for contact centers, which include teleservices firms, international corporations, public agencies, telecommunications companies, distributed organizations, government and commercial enterprises etc.


Player Avatar 21popsontop (< 20) Submitted: 5/9/2008 12:59:32 PM : Outperform Start Price: $11.60 ININ Score: +231.77

Indianapolis slings us a Longshot! My My My,what you can find hang'en around the bin basket. Volitile small caps with horns and growth.Highly well run company by people who understand money as they grow this baby to be known around the globe. In the right sector showing up at the right party's with a 2008 grin that puts him In like flynn. Not just rusty advice,but a (GLOBAL) provider of unified IP business communications (Solutions) and (problem solvents.) First quarter 2008 bear roaring,but he don't care cause he's wanting to eat that bear.Revenues were a record 29.5 million,up 21% from same quarter last year,driven by the need of this quiet company's help and solutions in these uncertain times. 39% increase in orders from same period last year and continued to close large transactions during this quarter,with 15 contracts exeeding 250,000 and 9 of those representing new customers,with several upcoming new products squarely focused (to further on helping organizations further reduce costs and improve customer service. The words out ,this one will set you up with anything you need to succeed,(For a Small Fee) Making cash while filling a global need,helping others to succeed.Cash flows from operations look to have increased about 12% from same quarter last year Sales growth around 33%,and guidence going forward soundws realy good,a director already got him 5,000 more shares to start the the new year out right,now its my turn.He may rest a while,so you may want to check this one out,but stay away from his horns,as he does have the look of another 2008 bear hungry bull.

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