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I think this company is a scam, everyday they have a press release of some bullsh*t.

Usually its we have a cure for aids, or we have the answer for world peace...

croc of shi* i tell you

Member Avatar thet0nzz (< 20) Submitted: 9/10/2013 11:48:00 PM
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Well, let's just look at the ledger. ceca boy.

On the one side, in SUPPORT of INO, we have:

* Roche Holdings * Merck * NIH * HIV Vaccines Trial Network * National Cancer Institute * U.S. Military HIV Research Program * University of Southampton * US Dept. of Homeland Security * University of Manitoba * PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

and other side AGAINST INO, we have:

you, the redoubtable cecamadocv

Now where would a person with even a Fools brain put his trust?

I bet you still don't know the answer.

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