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Finding a single compound as an inhibitor of Hepititis C virus (HCV) is not an easy task. HCV has 6 different genotypes and within each genotype there are a number of subtypes. It is an RNA virus which mutates very quickly. Therefore in a single infected individual there are a number of quisiespecies which may behave differently under certain environments. Therefore a single small molecule species that inhibits one or a number of quisispecies will select for the ones that are not inhibited. This path with protease inhibitors was tried before and failed for this reason. It inhibited only one genotype of the virus and not others. Two other reasons that the odds are against seeing a new class of HCV drugs is this; the only animal model for HCV is the Chimp and a true in-vitro (cell culture) model was just discovered 2 years ago. The chimp is not a good model because it is protected and also expansive. They are, also, naturally able to clear the infection on their own, therefore no drug studies are possible. The new in vitro cell culture is great but the HCV strain that actually replicates in cell culture is a 2a strain and not genotype 1. Why is this important? Genotype 1 is the strain most prevelant in the US and it does not respond well to current therepy. I hope this is usefull.

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