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The Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets power semiconductors and digital and analog integrated circuits.


Player Avatar pook42 (< 20) Submitted: 5/7/2007 3:05:34 PM : Underperform Start Price: $8.86 IXYS Score: +8.09

The screeners don't lie: this should be a fabulous stock. Maybe some day it will. But the screeners can't tell the full story, and the fincials have be rosy for some time. So why is the president dumping shares?

Member Avatar tocathu1 (26.52) Submitted: 12/29/2007 3:42:24 PM
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There are many reasons to dump shares aside from concern that stock is overpriced. Probably most common reason for insiders is diversification. Conversely there is only one reason why insiders buy their shares on the open market and that is they feel their share price is undervalued. I would not read too much into this unless other insiders start dumping as well.

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