China Finance Online Co. (ADR) (NASDAQ:JRJC)

CAPS Rating: 1 out of 5

The Company and its subsidiaries including its variable interest entity are principally engaged in the sale of online financial services analyzing financial and listed company information in the People's Republic of China.


Player Avatar BuffettJunior1 (97.68) Submitted: 6/17/2011 10:58:17 AM : Underperform Start Price: $3.20 JRJC Score: -3.29

I've learned a little trick these Chinese companies are using. Have you noticed they all have China in their name? How many companies do you know that have America, Canada, Germany, etc... in their names? The reason they put China in their name is to draw in foreign investors, because China means growth. Most of these companies are frauds and you should stay away from them.

Member Avatar OklaBoston (67.80) Submitted: 12/22/2014 8:58:43 PM
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Nothing wrong with that.

Calling it fraud is an extreme reach.

One has to wonder what you've got against Asians.

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