Jones Soda Co. ( USA ) (NASDAQOTH:JSDA)

CAPS Rating: 2 out of 5

The Company develops, produces, markets, licenses and distributes premium beverages and related products.


Player Avatar TMFBreakerForce (78.07) Submitted: 1/29/2008 2:46:57 PM : Outperform Start Price: $10.23 JSDA Score: -74.79

The Seahawks and Nets deals are fantastic, and I am hoping for a baseball deal (81 home games) or even a college facility. I think the only problem is that most of these stadiums probably have long term contracts with KO and Pepsi. But then again, new stadiums are starting to pop up around the country.

With their miniscule market cap, even if they take 1-2% of market share from coke or pepsi, you're looking at a 10 bagger. I dont normally trade in and out of stocks, esp small caps where volatility is its name. Any good news will send the stock soaring again and theres no way to time it..

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Member Avatar windycityguy (< 20) Submitted: 2/2/2008 11:51:32 AM
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Just to clear up, are you talking about a 10 bagger from when you bought or from where the price is currently? I also wanted to know how 1-2 market share equates into a 10 bagger. Im not doubting I hope it does too just want to know how you figured it.

Member Avatar TMFBreakerForce (78.07) Submitted: 2/20/2008 12:45:16 PM
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Easy - Jones current mkt cap is a rather tiny $160Mln. Coke & pepsi's combined market caps are about $250 Billion! 1% of that equates to a 2.5bln mkt cap for Jones down the road. (oofff 20 bagger) Jeez, even half of that would result in Yuge gains down the road.Matt

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