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A global engineering, construction and services company supporting the energy, petrochemicals, government services and civil infrastructure sectors.


Player Avatar crayongoblin (81.26) Submitted: 2/26/2010 12:38:15 PM : Outperform Start Price: $19.56 KBR Score: -100.43

You gotta love the most diabolically, cartoonishly evil corporation in the world for its money making abilities. Like an octopus it has it's had many arms entangled in the US government ever since the days of LBJ. It works both parties, it causes wars to break out just so it can profit, it uses low wage foreign workers to do dangerous shoddy work and shacks them up in despicable conditions next to the well paid American workers, it electrocutes US soldiers with showers, poisons them with chromium gas, destroys the environment with open burn pits, gang rapes female employees, buys off Presidents, Senators and Judges and gets away with it all with a slap on the wrist and MORE CONTRACTS. USA! KBR! USA! KBR! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! I personally own KBR in my real money portfolio and am constantly afraid I'll be struck by lightning in Karmic retribution...

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