Keegan Res Inc (NYSEMKT:KGN)

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Player Avatar goofypicker (< 20) Submitted: 3/20/2008 10:36:50 AM : Outperform Start Price: $4.79 KGN Score: -95.58

Gold and silver have taken a sudden drop during the past week. Many speculators are panicing and claiming that this is the end of the "commodity bubble". I don't think so. If you look at the fundamental reason behind the last 6 months rise in precious metals, you have to ask yourself....has anything changed? I don't think so. The Fed continues to pump liquidity into the market, the interest rate continues to decline, inflation continues to increase and the dollar continues to fall. That being said....if due to demand decreases oil drops sharply from here...there is a possibility that precious metals will follow. Precious metals will experience quite a bit of volatility and the gyrations may be tough to handle but I think due to the fundamentals that I mentioned above that a year from now precious metals will be much higher.

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