Quaker Chemical Corp (NYSE:KWR)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5

The Company develops, produces, and markets a range of formulated chemical products for various heavy industrial and manufacturing applications and, in addition, offers and markets chemical management services.


Player Avatar Zaneyjaney (65.08) Submitted: 5/4/2009 6:41:04 PM : Outperform Start Price: $8.17 KWR Score: +836.86

Woo Hoo! This is my first double bagger! (I'm a Newbie, so forgive my elation!) And it was nobody's pick but my own! Well, actually, my Dad mentioned it to me. This company is located in my old childhood haunts, so it's quite familiar to me. (Major rule of investing: know your stock.) Thanks, Quaker Chem!

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Member Avatar stan8331 (71.09) Submitted: 5/26/2009 6:56:08 PM
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Looks good - congrat's! It has had a strong run up from the bottom, so I'd probably wait for a pull-back to jump in at this point. You're right - investing is easier if you have at least some understanding of the company and its industry. Not that we can't still make mistakes, but it's nice to have a little BS-detection capability at ones's disposal. :)

Member Avatar Zaneyjaney (65.08) Submitted: 11/13/2009 6:28:52 PM
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Wow! Now it's a triple bagger, and has already returned 10% of my investment in dividends! What's not to love?

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