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The Company operates through its four divisions: Cement, Aggregates, Concrete and Gypsum.


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There are three major cement makers in the world: Cemex, Lafarge, and another Swedish company that does not have as large of a presence in the US. Taking into account the large possibility of infrastructure, communications, and power production expansions as planned by the Obama administration, cement is very likely to shoot up in demand within the next year or so. And out of the two companies with larger presences in the US, CX is virtually overwhelmed with debt. It would take a lot of sales to dig itself out of the pit it is in. Lafarge. on the other hand, is in a much better position and will likely be rewarded by high cement/concrete purchases by the US government.

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You are right, there are three. The third one is Swiss (not Swedish) and is Holcim. I wouldn't say they do not have a large presence in the US, they are definitely significant. I think the key is worldwide presence, which is where I think Lafarge does best.

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