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cribbed from JoeySolitro1
Low float, low volume, (one of the reasons my entry wasn't optimal, caught it on a 3% swing per trade day on the wrong end).

Small cap wannabe that's been around a LONG time, relatively speaking, pulling about $1M in oil out of old wells and looking for somewhere to sink some more money it doesn't have.

This one should be used as practice to read a 10-Q.

Nov 14th, 2013, 10-Q:

The company subsequently in January did sell additional shares for $2.00 each, bumping the cash back up $6-7M which may last another quarter. Overall the company is heavily in debt with no prospects after cancelling one possible purchase this week.

Interest payments on debt are 3X alone, nothering else considered higher than gross revenue from the oil.

LOW FLOAT, Low volume, may take awhile to settle back down. Did not see the additional equity raise until I called it down or might have waited until the next quarterly....

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