Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE:LUV)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

A major domestic airline that provides point-to-point, low-fare service.


Player Avatar ABeaty86 (< 20) Submitted: 12/6/2012 6:28:30 PM : Outperform Start Price: $0.00 LUV Score: 0

Here's a stock that I was being a typical emotional investor in. At the time I added Southwest Airlines to my portfolio, it was only because it was at a lower point and I have some extra money I wanted to throw on the gambling table. My gut says that Southwest will outperform only because I'm frequent flyer and I, I love how the company is run for the most part, and I feel like its ability to adapt to the many changes of its competitors makes it able to weather any storm. With the addition of competitor baggage fees and other fees that I think scare customers away, those scared customers are finding refuge in Southwest and therefore will make the stock more valuable over an unspecified amount of time. Like I said, I never really did any homework on the stock. It was affordable and more of an "Eh, why not," kind of move. Like a slot machine in Vegas, I've pulled the handle and the wheels are spinning, and I can only hope that this slot machine is one that someone else just left a little too soon and I'm in for a big payout.

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