Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:LXRX)

CAPS Rating: 2 out of 5

A biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of breakthrough treatments for human disease.


Player Avatar Brosan (< 20) Submitted: 1/28/2011 11:31:06 AM : Underperform Start Price: $1.79 LXRX Score: +77.50

With more less than 80c per share available in cash, LXRX will have a very hard time to keep their heads above water. The me-too compound, LX4211, seems to be stuck in the ground due to the lack of interest in the pharma community. Even it finds a partner, this will take ages (+3 years at least) to be on the market. There are enough alternatives on the diabetes markets and more developed phase 3s anywhere that LX4211 would seem like a DOA (Dead On Arrival). I think the best way to move forward with LXRX is get rid of the current CEO (A. Sands) and replace the entire Board of Directors. Then, try to sell the sole effective compound LX1032 to a specialty cancer or gut specialty drugmaker and sell the ground/building/labs to a fellow Texan drugmaker. Call it a day! It's over.

Member Avatar Brosan (< 20) Submitted: 1/29/2011 7:55:11 AM
Recs: 1

Well well well, another S-3 filed. More dilution coming... brace for impact in share price.

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