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Though the company is making strides in the aerospace and automotive industries, it's still heavily tied to the ups and downs of the semiconductor market. At best I think this company is a market performer, but the reason for my thumbs down here is management. Both the CEO and CFO have presided over a company that has gone nowhere in terms of market value for nearly 20 years. They own around 1% of the outstanding stock, but have instituted a poison pill provision that pays them nearly $25 million in the event of a change in control, or if an outside party acquires 40% of the stock or is successful in electing indepedent, non-incumbent members to the board. Shameful. Strong underperform.

Member Avatar Fojoin01 (80.64) Submitted: 10/17/2012 8:16:24 AM
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Your information is appreciated - but just note that $25 million in the grand scheme is not a poison pill - but barely a bleep with a company this size.

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