MIPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:MIPS.DL)

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The Company is a provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer and business applications.


Player Avatar kumquatmay (< 20) Submitted: 4/14/2011 5:51:19 PM : Outperform Start Price: $10.86 MIPS.DL Score: -42.29

MIPS has good revenue and earnings growth. It is well-situated in many growth markets. MIPS licenses cores to System On a Chip (SOC) vendors. SOC vendors then sell chips for mobile applications (i.e. mobile baseband processors ....most 4G baseband chips have a MIPS core). The company doesn't just design cores for mobile. MIPS licenses multi-threading, multiprocessor, 64-bit RISC cores (these are fast, cheap, low power cores) to Cavium, Broadcom and other SOC companies not in the mobile space. These vendors develop chips for networking, storage and the connected home. Processing power is processing power regardless of where it is employed. As mobile devices become faster, cheaper and use less power, the opportunity for MIPS in the mobile market is immense. As mobile SOC vendors continue to license MIPS cores for the design and production of chips, the company's income streams in mobile will continue to grow.

Given the desperate tone of some of the misguided stock-bashing, my sense is that a short squeeze on the stock may be imminent.

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1) Market capital of MIPS is only 2.4% of its main competitor ARMS ($310M vs. $13B)

2) P/E of MIPS is 14 compared to P/E 91 of ARMH

3) MIPS shares crashed from $18 to $5 in a short period are very oversold.

4) Recently MIPS processor has passed the Android Compatibility Test

5) TCL and Lenovo are the first tier 1 partners of MIPS for smart phones and tablets

6) ARM is doing great because of its ecosystem and recently MIPS is making a comeback in China and improving its ecosystems

7) Cavium announced recently MIPS processors MIPS64 specially for cloud computing and servers.

8) MIPS announced recently six MIPS based smart phones and tablets

9) MIPS based tablets ( Cruz) are sold by Amazon and BestBuy and have very good review from Cnet.com

10) New MIPS based servers announced by Caswell and Cavium

11) MIPS based servers are installed recently in Facebook server farms

12) Facebook & Google are interested in low power servers . Main advantage of MIPS cores is low power consumption

13) Large 18% short interest may cause sharp short squeeze

14) Superiority of MIPS architecture over ARM in power consumption and smaller size

15) Strong takeover candidate by ARM , Intel , AMD or TCL Corp.

16) Four Chinese companies are developing and manufacturing MIPS based smart phones and tablets

17) MIPS partner, TCL, is selling MIPS smart phones in Asia and Europe

18) Chinese Ingenica is new partner for 4G smart phones and tablets

19) American Tilera announced low power servers based on MIPS architecture

20) Actions is a new partner of MIPS for smart phones and tablets

21) French Squens is developing MIPS based 4G smart phones

22)Tata , largest Indian company is developing LTE phone based on MIPS

23) MIPS has now total of 86 licensees and partners

24) Andriod HoneyCamb is now available on MIPS for Tables and mobile devices

25) Android is being activated on 800K devices per day and MIPS is getting part of that market.

26) Recent new 8 licensees of MIPD and enhanced selling of MIPS processors in China may cause positive surprise in Q3 earning

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