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Near-term pan on large U.S. multi-nationals as they face headwinds of a strengthening dollar making overseas profits less valuable. Also using these pans to measure any sort of expected near-term pullback to also find entry points for my "source of funds" big cap trades I will do when they sell off enough.

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Sell off or not they will still be there in a yr, 5 yrs, when ever as always. The Chiefs and board know how to run a company and even though some are greedy it is not on anyones dollar like others are. Had everyone purchased MMM stock during the crunch you would have your money back, but the ones who sold theres off and purchased other losers shame on you. If your a 3Mer you go with the ship that got you rich. If your an old timer you are rich. I know this because I inherited a small amount and I am making more not doing anything this year than I would have getting a real job. MMM all the way baby

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