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It is Citi Bank that is putting a $10.00 target on the stock...they were somehow involved in the launch of the IPO. Stock fell to $5.12. What I read was that the IPO intro was not a good one - they wanted a price of $10 for the intro price but got about $8...the low estimate of value. They wanted to raise a fair amount of capital, they have 35 million of stock but only 7 - 8 million is out in the market. I would suspect that since Apple Ipnone is now going to be available in China - there is a massive population to draw from that this type of product (Mobi product) to support the 3G Iphone - will be needed... If they didn't raise enough capital during the initial offering (7-8 million float) then they may sell more stock to acquire what else they need...increase the float to 10 - 11 million shares that would dilute our value by as much as 30% if they do this. That is a very small float which means the price of the stock will be very volatile but prone to rise if the story we hear is true. On the other hand, it could drop fast for the same reason if the facts come out that this is nothing but a story stock. That is why getting as much information is important for security. Since it wasn't know when the 3G would be allowed to launch in China...the Mobi IPO must have been affected - initial price ($8) - now that it is over...the stock might be making up for what was not made in the first days...this is all assumptions on my part...I am playing my Columbo part now!!! Also, as I noted, they just finished a 30 to 60 day "Quiet" time...this means the company is not allowed to influence the market...can't market themselves...can't put news out. That time is over so now with the 3G being approved it makes sense that the Mobi stock might be in play. Now, let me take this all have to be very careful of "Story Stocks". You can get burned. I would like to know if there is really MEAT (or VEGETABLES - for vegetarians) on this bone (company) the story really true? If it is, this could be a nice long investment. This email is only worth the coffee you sip as you read careful.

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