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The world’s leading software company, Microsoft is the force behind the Windows operating systems and the Office suite of software.


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Microsoft made a mistake with Windows 8.

In my opinion, Windows has been the absolute best operating system in enterprise. Everyone knows how to use it and some people even go to school just to learn how to fix it when it doesn't work. (High-paying) Jobs are created just to maintain this company's software. It is powerful, customizable and does everything you would want in a business-class operating system.

Windows 8 was made with the consumer in mind. Wait what? So you're telling me that Microsoft is targeting a different market than where they have dominated in the past? Oh, must be fast-follower strategy, right? Wrong. More like slow-follower strategy. By now the tablet market has been flooded with 2.5 years of tablets. Microsoft isn't just taking on Apple's tablet market anymore; there are plenty of tablets for your parents to play with at Best Buy and purchase from Oh yeah, and what is the name of that tablet that everyone has been raving about, who's design makes you go "wow" at first sight, that your best friend just bought and loves, who's name is almost synonymous with the word "tablet"? iPad.

Is Microsoft's new tablet cool? Yes. Would I buy one if I had a little bit more money? Yeah, probably (after I bought the iPad); but I like technology in general and I do not represent the general public. Many Microsoft fans are hyping up the new Windows tablet and probably already own one. The problem is that they too do not represent the general public. Apple has the brand image (and 2.5 years of experience) to sustain medium to long range success in the mobile tablet market which means that Microsoft will not just skyrocket to the top in market share.

With increased efforts in the targeted consumer market, Microsoft is decreasing their dedication to the enterprise-Windows market. If you think that the Windows operating system is perfect you are dead wrong. It's buggy. It's like a black hole for viruses. (And I'm talking about past Windows operating systems in general, not just Vista.) A few wrong clicks and your bank account is at risk. Microsoft did not hit the end of the line with Windows, there is plenty of room for improvement (especially in quality control). This also has me worried with the security of their tablets. If they allow their desktop OS to be maliciously exploited, what about their tablet OS? It's running the same software after all. Because of the stronger ties to business, Windows 8 creates a great opportunity for hackers.

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself: "But the utility of the Surface is different than that of the iPad and other tablets." To that I say: "Yeah, you're right. It looks like a tablet but acts like a laptop. Mind blown (sarcasm). It has the reduced hardware specs of a tablet and the keyboard and portability of a netbook (for those of you unfamiliar with netbooks: all you need to know is that they were a HUGE hit (also sarcasm)." In the end you get a hybrid that is far more effective as a tablet than a computer.

Go-get-em companies may be soon to adopt Windows 8 in enterprise but I think that the general consensus will be that Windows 8 is too much of a user interface change vs. too small of a software improvement and they won't see a need to upgrade. Another big problem will be program compatibility. While a tablet can replace a PC in many lite applications, it is not a substitute for CPU-hungry programs. Windows is ahead of its time with putting a full desktop OS on a little tablet. Does it work? Yes. Does it work well? No. Sounds a little like WebOS on the HP Touchpad.

Microsoft needs to get back to its roots and continue to pump out powerful enterprise software. A new Xbox (Xbox + PC on big-screen TV) would also be nice but I'll save that for a different pitch.

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Microsoft could be so much more with a visionary leader. Forget Microsoft, I'm just shorting Steve Ballmer.

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