American Capital Mortgage (NASDAQ:MTGE)

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From the 2012 Annual Report-

"The returns that we generated in 2012 were a direct result of the actions we took early in the year to position the portfolio properly for the possibility of QE3".

"Our goal as a management team is to generate strong risk-adjusted returns for our shareholders by investing across the full spectrum of the mortgage universe. Our dividend philosophy is to establish a dividend level that is consistent with market conditions, that allows us to distribute our taxable income in accordance with REIT rules and that is not expected to reduce our book value over time. As noted above, we paid $3.60 per share in dividends in 2012. During the year, we also increased our undistributed taxable income to $1.17 per share."

Can you tell that I own this one... :)
Looking forward to writing TheFOXFORCEJOURNAL on it.

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