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A few reasons that MVIS shows promise….

Microvision has always had a strong patent position, ranking #1 of all U.S. electronic companies in a 2010 report by IEEE that ranked overall ‘patent power’, ahead of Apple and Xerox.

Microvision is the only company using laser technology in pico-scale projectors.

Superior optics provided by lasers yields excellent contrast. Microvision has just boosted output from 10 to 15 lumens that enhances readability under modest environmental conditions.

MicroVision recently inked a deal with Pioneer to collaborate to commercialize HUD using its PicoP® technology. Pioneer has announced it is targeting commercial introduction of an in-vehicle HUD using PicoP technology into the consumer market in 2012.

MicroVision HUD technology is already in BMW F10 5-series production lines.

Both Pioneer and MicroVision were recently recognized as finalists for the CEATEC Innovation Awards for 2010. Pioneer was recognized in the automotive category for its demonstration of a HUD using laser scanning technology provided by MicroVision, and MicroVision was recognized in the Components category for its SHOWWX(TM) laser pico projector, powered by the PicoP display engine.

The real opportunity comes with the introduction of modules small enough to be embedded in devices like smart phones. Its collaboration with Samsung yielded a prototype Android "mini tablet", although product release is not yet scheduled.

A delay caused by a supply shortage of necessary green lasers should be resolved by the later part of 2011. MVIS management is projecting profitability within 6 months of mass scale introduction of its PicoP® embedded module in a variety of portable devices in 2012.

Recently Motorola became a shareholder in Microvision.

Beyond the horizon speculation in other sectors may be compelling as nascent technologies often have unforeseen usage and application. Anywhere precise visual representation is needed by small form-factor devices, embedded PicoP is a likely candidate offering investors new opportunities.

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Let me guess you are a major shareholder aren't you? There are a lot of us that have bee burned from this company.

Let's examine your inaccurate facts.

Micro vision is the only company that uses lasers in their pico projectors? NOT
Superior optics provided by lasers yields excellent contrast. Microvision has just boosted output from 10 to 15 lumens that enhances readability under modest environmental conditions. --- there are plenty of pico projectors out there with more light output than that.

Recently Motorola became a shareholder in Microvision --- the truth is that Motorola sold micro vision some patents and they received cash and some stocks in micro vision. You imply that motorola invested money into mvis which is not true.

Let me summarize the real reason that investors should dump this outfit:

From the company's own announcement:

For the fourth quarter, company expects net loss of $15.3-$15.8 million, or 16-17 cents a share, and revenue to fall 30 percent to $683,000.

They lost 16 million in the fourth quarter alone and they had a revenue of 683k and you give them thumbs up???????

Member Avatar 8martini8 (84.37) Submitted: 5/26/2011 1:50:15 PM
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grektale is on target with this criticism.

I'm among those who got burned investing in MVIS, having held shares of various amounts since 2006. I finally jettisoned my shares at the end of 2010, when yet another round of "delays" was announced.

While I remain intrigued with their technology, and will continue to watch their progress, the grim fact is that since their announce "product launch" of the ShowWX in autumn 2009 (which drove their stock above $5), it has become repeatedly clear that management is not forthright with investors about projected supply and cost of vital elements (specifically, the green laser component).

Over and over, management assures investors that "commercial volume" of SGL, and then DGL lasers at a fraction of their cost, are just a year away. And their "big announcement" of an embedded product for Xmas 2010 was delayed from October release to "early 2011" to "2nd quarter 2011" and now "late 2011" (Nioncom Vision Kick). The most honest thing they've done was to project $0.00 revenue from this contract in 2011 during the first conference call this year.

Meanwhile, they burn cash and print more shares, drawing on a $ facility with Azimuth that doesn't bother management at all because there is virtually ZERO inside ownership at Microvision. Even when they announced their "big launch" in 2009, even after the prioce came down to $3, and even now with price at $1.25 there's no insider buying (Well, Tokman bought $10000 shares this spring - almost an insult.)

If the stock looks "cheap" @ $1.25, be very careful -- it could very easily slide under $1.00 (I bought a bunch at $.90 back in '2009),and a 25% haircut is just as painful in penny stocks as in large-caps.

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