Newcastle Investment Corp. (NYSE:NCT)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

The Company is a real estate investment and finance company. The Company invests in real estate securities, loans and other real estate related assets.


Player Avatar briel28ca (< 20) Submitted: 1/18/2013 6:17:01 PM : Outperform Start Price: $60.48 NCT Score: +3.47

Based on many of the data and opinion metrics an investor can look at, there are multiple positive indicators for success with this Newcastle REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) value-priced stock. Trend's show good REIT's are the new hot thing and based on results people want in with Newcastle Inv. (NYSE:NCT)GOOD FINANCIALS:1) They have a fairly balanced, yet aggressive management style showing strong financials. They have gone from Net Income of (-65 million) in 2007 to +259 million in 2011. That's good work turning it around after the crash.2) They pay good dividends (.22 per quarter/per share) which I think makes investors feel as if they sharing in the profits, not just riding a stock price ($10.02 as of this writing. that's a 8.80% Dividend Yield.), which also matters in the choice. It's still risky. They are not Johnson & Johnson, so we need more payout for the educated risk.Positive and Steady Investor Trends:1) Steady uptrend on the price graph. Almost a 45 degree angle of confidence from buyers. It shows a trend of they buy and they stay in driving up confidence.2) Data Trending: Report after report I researched on this company was 80-85 positive. That means a lot of us are in agreement that we'll invest in this horse.Disclosure: As of 1-18-13 I have taken a position of 200 shares in NCT.

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