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Estimated average disposable income per capita in China is about $800/year. For urban households, it's more like $1,500 a year. Noah's DLD's cost between $160-$240.

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Average disposable income is misleading; the question one must ask is this: what is the average disposable income of China's middle and upper class households? Granted, there are a billion poor Chinese who couldn't possibly afford these products. BUT, that leaves about 300 million Chinese in the middle and upper classes who can afford them--a population roughly equal to the entire population of the United States. The average disposable income of that group is far, far higher than that of the whole country, which is really what matters.

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Note It is not about the income level, take a walk around the Ivy Campuses here in America and you will find evidence of the growing segment of Chinese students who strive to gain knowledge and have the determination to excell, thus having the desire for higher education. The Chinese are a very hardworking driven people. Each family has 6 adults spending their monies to further their childs education. Learning the English language is vr important to them. Thus having the ability t purchase a digital learning device for their child is a wonderful way for the adults to help their cihild early on.

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