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I expect the stock to be overall stagnant (yet fluctuating) for awhile, but to eventually have some nice growth once benefits are more widely known. Already studies support use for hyperlipidemia (lowers bad LDL cholesterol while raising good HDL cholesterol), ADHD, PMS, arthritis/aches/pains/inflammation (significantly reduces CRP markers), and skin health. This is despite some of the studies using tiny doses which are only 1/4th the amount that is in the product serving (which is two very small gelcaps or capliques). Here are some supporting studies that I have bookmarked (there are more besides these actually) : , , and Mike give a good overall summary of it's pain relieving effects at has been shown to be significantly more effective than fish oil for controlling hyperlipidemia. The advantages over fish oil (or less advanced krill oils) being it's much better absorbing phospholipid form (rich in choline) and inherent high antioxidant capacity (over 300x greater than vitamin E for instance). Yeah, right now people hear about krill oil and think "WTF? Must be some marketing garbage." Thus far there hasn't been much of a public promotion (besides press releases that only investors would read). Slowly though word is getting out and major health gurus such as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Weill (such as his featured article in Time Magazine), and Dr. Mike Eades have all recently endorsed krill oil and will likely snowball further exposure. The deal with Yoplait (yogurt) will be able to move foward now that NKO has been given GRAS status in the U.S.A (allowing it to be used in functional food). That would be a huge boon to recognition of NKO. In summary I'd say this stock definitely has some long term potential (2 to 4 years), meaning the skeptics may want to wait and see if these recent developments (increased exposure) help out the companies thus far lagging finances. Personally I know the stuff works (helped with my mood and knee pains), so I'm no skeptic.

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I enjoyed reading commentary and look forward checking out the links youve provided. I found this site via a google search regarding krill oil in hard capsules. Thanks for sharing your information instead of a one or two line opinion.

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