Novagold Res Inc (NYSEMKT:NG)

CAPS Rating: 2 out of 5

The Company is engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties in Alaska and western Canada and is primarily focused on gold properties, some of which have significant copper and silver resources.


Player Avatar PetitMartinique (81.53) Submitted: 6/17/2009 8:57:59 AM : Outperform Start Price: $4.72 NG Score: -86.58

Should exceed 15 dollars within next 2 years...

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Member Avatar thomyoung17 (< 20) Submitted: 10/30/2010 10:56:25 AM
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how about two months?

Member Avatar PetitMartinique (81.53) Submitted: 11/1/2010 5:05:00 PM
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Maybe so...Cha ching!

Member Avatar 100ozRound (29.42) Submitted: 11/11/2010 1:33:50 PM
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And here we are at $15.04.

Good call

Member Avatar lenny16 (< 20) Submitted: 12/20/2010 9:17:57 PM
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ng hit 20. and change on the last leg up this is the 3rd and final leg up and with the vast reserves they have in three mines with partners like ABX, NEM, TCK, (one in each mine) NG will see 30.- 35. per share or more.

Member Avatar PetitMartinique (81.53) Submitted: 5/2/2011 3:08:42 PM
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I made this pick in June of 2009.... when NG was 4.72 a share. I agree NovaGold could reach much higher levels but it should be noted the inflation trade has run quite a bit. Who knows what the next year holds? But (for sure) investors are much more euphoric regarding gold and silver related equities than they were in 2009.

Member Avatar PetitMartinique (81.53) Submitted: 8/26/2011 1:04:44 AM
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WOW well I offered some decent advice it seems. LOL

Member Avatar PetitMartinique (81.53) Submitted: 3/21/2012 3:52:22 AM
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I think Novagold is attractive again here around 7 dollars. Novagold plans to sell off Galore Creek by end of 2012 and spin out Ambler (Novacopper.) Post spinout and galore creek should improve outlook for company.

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