Natural Grocers by Vita Cottage (NYSE:NGVC)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5


Player Avatar sikiliza (< 20) Submitted: 1/17/2013 12:25:50 PM : Outperform Start Price: $19.18 NGVC Score: +23.56

Family owned for over 5 decades and has had positive same store sales growth for the past three years. There's continued demand for organic food and dietary supplements and GNVC is small enough to sneak around for a while before Whole Foods considers it a real threat.The downside is that the stock has underperformed the market in the last three months, falling 22% from it's October 2012 high of 24.65. That said, it still remains 7% above it's July 2012 IPO priceWill watch it for a while and understand it's potential before putting some money on it though I am positive.

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