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Nautilus in the short term will increase operating margins, increase direct sales, and confirm the buyout of land America in China before June 07. The company has stable management, aggressive marketing campaign, and brand name recognition that will help keep it on the top of competition for the long run. I have a price of $30 before the end of 07 and $40 in mid 08

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Member Avatar Gtrinvestor (99.77) Submitted: 7/17/2007 10:09:13 AM
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I'm not long or short on this one, but given the stock's rather large drop off of 19% today I thought that this article about Nautilus would be an appropriate read.

Member Avatar tuffsledding (87.45) Submitted: 8/21/2007 5:11:34 AM
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How is this for stable management?
"Fitness-equipment maker Nautilus Inc. said Monday its Gregg Hammann will step down as chief executive and a director, effective immediately.

No reason was given for his departure.

Robert S. Falcone, current lead independent director, will serve as chairman and also become interim president and chief executive. The company will begin searching for a permanent successor.

In July, Nautilus shares hit a 52-week low after the company reported its second-quarter profit fell 34 percent on a 15 percent drop in revenue to miss analyst expectations.

Shares closed earlier down 49 cents, or 5 percent, at $9.23."

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