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Anounces that soon will be lay-off today, and market don't like the news, I think the market overreact here, in the last months has dropped too fast, I think from now on the fall will be more moderate, all depend if I guess right and catch the bottom, may be not now but must be near. So I think it may be worthly the risk, this company must evaluate seriously their way of pay dividends, from anual basis to quaterly basis, or instead and I think is better idea than pay dividends is make buy-backs, I think that will help a lot to stop the bleeding. Definitly this company is in bad shape now and I think its price is a gift.Based on that theory I don't doubt also that the company can be a take over candidate. Who knows may be Msft, or Appl, or T want to monopolize the industry and take the company private. xD just sound logic for me. (Just speculating)

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Obviously I was wrong, here definitly this position must be hedged againt future losses, with options, now that Microsoft don't seem showing too much interest in its partnership with nokia, and the team work, is deteriorating, definitly need money for Research and Development, and also the company must understand that this type of moment the panic it at its high, any bad comment or news, can devastated the capital easily, is not just you nokia also RIMM is feeling the pain. Both companies must evaluate seriously how can cut the panic that the investors are feeling, by my part, I know are hard times, I just hope of you that take smart decision for the good of investors and your future, as company, keep cutting cost and burning the less amount of cash posible.

And obvious try to make a better team work. (I don't know may be have your own sellers, showing your product to customers, can help a lot, or form a new strategic alliance with another big company, so many options and oportunities.)

And me as Investor can't risk to put my capital, as you keep burning cash, is just common sense, so also is common sense understanding why is needed hedge this position against futher losses.

Member Avatar Speculatormaster (< 20) Submitted: 8/8/2012 5:30:30 PM
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I don't like to risk more now, because is I think too premature, see if the company can deal with all the actual problems keep the above thesis. (Risk / Reward not too good in my opinion at this moment.)

Side Note:

(Is good idea keep and have any of the positions long term oriented hedged.)

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