National Research Corp (NASDAQ:NRCIB)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5

The Company is a provider of ongoing survey-based performance measurement, improvement services and governance education to the healthcare industry in the United States and Canada.


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National Research Corporation (NRC) is focused in providing solutions which cater to the information needs of the healthcare industry. The company’s primary information services include performance tracking services, custom research, educational services and Healthcare Market Guide. It develops tools which enable healthcare organizations to obtain performance measurement information necessary to comply with industry and regulatory standards. It also offers market research services to hospitals and insurance companies.
In May 2006, it acquired a company focused on hospital and health system leadership called, the Government Institute (TGI). The business model of TGI makes an attractive investment proposition. Also, during September 2005, the company acquired the operations of Geriatric Health Systems, LLC (GHS), a healthcare survey research and analytics firm, specializing in measuring health status, health risk and member satisfaction for health plans in the U.S. This acquisition becomes an ideal platform for NRC’s entry into the commercial health plan market. GSH portfolio of products is a perfect match for NRC’s business model.
For nine months ended September 2006, NRC reported 40% rise in its revenues, due to addition of new clients, through the acquisitions of GHS and TGI and, increased work from its existing client base. This stock is expected to attract investor attention as the company plans to broaden its product offerings, which would help them to attract new clients.

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