Northern Tier Energy LP (NYSE:NTI)

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Player Avatar shiftsuper (55.27) Submitted: 1/22/2013 2:55:56 PM : Outperform Start Price: $19.75 NTI Score: -6.08

Most have miscalculated the annualized yield. the 1st distribution was for 2 months only (july was not included)...most thought it was for the quarter. , so, almost a 50% upside in the announcement amount. there was an offering that increased units by 13%.
The spread of WTI crude to Brent was greater in their 4th Q. they should have had a bigger Q4 than in Q3. I talked all about it in the yahoo site group "incometolive"

Member Avatar 1jforrest (< 20) Submitted: 2/8/2013 6:26:05 PM
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I happened to run across NTI three week ago. Looked great to me, picked up about 1500 shares at 23.83. Now above 29.00 and dividend this next month, I'm feeling pretty good. Pretty confident here for the rest of this year. If Crack spread tightens, will probably effect stock price and dividend. At present margins, I don't understand why its not at 40.00.

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