Player Avatar zzlangerhans (99.85) Submitted: 12/27/2013 9:48:59 AM : Underperform Start Price: $3.69 NWBO Score: -35.70

Long-term Northwest shareholders make me think of a particularly dumb herd of wildebeest on the Serengeti. A couple of weeks ago a pride of lions pounced on the Immunocellular wildebeests and tore them to bits. The Northwest wildebeests snorted and paced around for a bit. A few of the smarter ones broke and ran for the forest cover. The rest quickly forgot about what happened to Immunocellular and started grazing again. The lions salivated.

The only reason I'd buy a share of Northwest for more than a nickel is because I could sell it right away for a profit. If you told me I was locked up for two years, forget it. Those wildebeest are doomed. I've seen that nature show too many times.

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Member Avatar MyCruiseWright2 (58.32) Submitted: 1/2/2014 5:13:23 PM
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I always wonder why people have to put others down because they think they are stupid... small biotech companies take risks all the time, many fail, and a few make it. Does it make you feel good putting people down, or is the problem your too smart to take advantages of the ups and downs here. In any event you are stating a strong opinion, but not smart enough to state it constructively, or is it you just don't like being ignored.

Member Avatar zzlangerhans (99.85) Submitted: 1/2/2014 5:54:43 PM
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Your poor syntax makes your comment close to unintelligible. Hopefully you're not a native English speaker. I gather you're upset, but not industrious enough to utilize the website to research my history with this stock. If you were, you would have found that my only real trade on this stock was a short a couple of months ago, on which I profited about $4200. So I'd say I've done fairly well profiting from the ups and downs here. I'm hoping the current up continues, so that I can profit once again from the next down. Please buy more. I write what I please here because this is my page and my pitch, which you have invited yourself to and polluted. I would prefer it if you ignored me, as I do with whatever you write on your own page.

Member Avatar MyCruiseWright2 (58.32) Submitted: 1/7/2014 3:55:18 PM
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I guess you just don't get the point, your over inflated ego is a negative. Think of Sheldon on the big bang theory for an example.

Member Avatar zzlangerhans (99.85) Submitted: 1/8/2014 12:24:29 PM
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What you think of as an overinflated ego is just me not caring about your opinion. I don't watch your TV show.

Member Avatar MyCruiseWright2 (58.32) Submitted: 1/8/2014 10:17:01 PM
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If you don't care about my opinion why are you responding to them...
Ego perhaps...

Member Avatar naughtyguy (33.45) Submitted: 2/24/2014 10:52:31 AM
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MyCruiseWright2: I've been making money on NWBO for awhile in real time and sold out way too early. Wish I had left it alone and been one of those Long-term dumb folks zzlangerhans writes about that are getting richer. zzlangerhans loves to gather motley fool points on the bio-techs without knowing too much about them. Don't expect him to concede that you were right about NWBO! I think a NWBO lion had him for lunch! lmao

Member Avatar naughtyguy (33.45) Submitted: 2/26/2014 1:02:43 PM
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zz... wrote: "I'm hoping the current up continues, so that I can profit once again from the next down. Please buy more." Makes me wonder at what point when it went up A LOT did you short it? The trend is your friend!

Member Avatar Crystalball (91.40) Submitted: 3/10/2014 11:13:14 AM
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I see you green light a lot of duds all the time based on valuation. NWBO actually has some nice catalysts, strong potential for some nice upside. Still very nice entry at this point.

Member Avatar TSIF (99.96) Submitted: 3/27/2014 10:58:15 AM
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An occasional pitch like ZZ posted here is great fun, whether you are a bull or bear on that particular equity...the analogy/perspective is what CAPS is all about, and in this case it's zen for, if not this stub, perhaps others you might run across....

He calls 'em like he sees them, feel free to call them as you see them. Once you've played a stock a dozen times, it shouldn't be hard for someone to take some time to keep you in perspective. The 80% accuracy ZZlangerhans has on Biopharm shows a 20% market disagreement..or another catalyst unknown at the time. 80% in any sector, especially BIOPHARMS with completely different metrics from other sectors is worth at least pausing when one any rate, it doesn't deserve replies with no substance other than a personal attack.....if you disagree....say financial metrics if you can...else your conviction bias is the only argument you are offering....

The market is full of wildebeests and it's good to be reminded from time to time, and avoid your own conviction bias.....else be eaten.......

Member Avatar Mel101 (< 20) Submitted: 6/12/2014 9:05:15 AM
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Mel 101 from Kent, Ct.
= ))))
I like the article from Dr. Rajesh Patel ( a P.h.D.) Mon, 03/17/2014 - 01:57 about NWBO ...... Not Wise Bought Overdacounter!!!! Nine!! (=no) .... 4 me !
Auf Wiedersehen! (= goodbye!) to dat one!! yah!! ....... 4 me!
" & as 4 me .... Schlecht!! (= bad)... choice ... & ... also ..... Nicht Gut !!! 4 me ..... yah!! "
I say........ Viel Gluck !! (= good luck ) to da Motley Fool community ! .....
Tschus ... (= bye) ...

Dr.Rajesh Patel's views =

some notes... i noted was... if Total English speakers in Germany = 51,584,000 (= 64% WAAAY BAAACK in in 2006... much much much MORE today ... though .... ) why couldn't Linda Powers ( a venture capitalist extraordinaire, 1 former employer was... ugh...Enron ... ugh... then .... ) ... i know someone who "had" $30,000 stocks to it +++ ... & got rid of it! a bat outta hell !!! after I told them i knew that... NWBO ...couldn't find a English interpreter !????! ... 17 days !???!!.... = 2 weeks +++ !!??!! .... Mel 101 says... " Bitte " ( .... PUHeeeaase ... !!! ..... ( NOTE: .. if you can see me ... I AM HOLDING MY NOSE 2 this ONE!!!)

Member Avatar zzlangerhans (99.85) Submitted: 6/19/2014 11:05:19 AM
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Just made another $730 shorting Northwest. Details are on my Twitter stream. I may start putting this trade in my regular rotation.

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