Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp (NASDAQ:NYMX)

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A biopharmaceutical company with three proprietary products on the market and a R&D of drug & diagnostic products in development for the treatment of enlarged prostate, Alzheimer's disease contamination of food and drink products and bacterial infections.


Player Avatar zzlangerhans (99.80) Submitted: 5/13/2011 1:14:22 AM : Underperform Start Price: $7.78 NYMX Score: +13.37

I've had a strong dislike and distrust of this company going back four years to when I first started to follow them. Back then they used to talk about Alzheimer's disease and their theory that senile plaques were caused by bursting balls of protein, or spherons. We haven't heard much about spherons since then though. The company also wastes time and money to market some very dubious products such as a purported urine test for Alzheimer's and a urine drug test for nicotine (yeah, seriously) that generate pathetic amounts of revenue. Product sales were only 0.6M for all of 2010.

The real story for Nymox now is NX-1207, their developmental compound for BPH. No one outside of Nymox knows what NX-1207 is, since the company has refused to provide basic information regarding its composition and mechanism. Other developmental biotechs don't have a problem sharing that information about their pipeline candidates, so I have to wonder if Nymox is afraid of scientific scrutiny. Most of Nymox stock's recent strength derives from last December's deal with Recordati for European rights to NX-1207. The royalties were juicy at 26-40% but the upfront payment was only 13M, pocket change for a large pharmaceutical distributor.

NX-1207 is currently in a phase III trial for BPH but no one knows how far Nymox has progressed with enrollment, or when topline data can be expected, because the company has refused to divulge this information. Again, most other similar companies keep their investors updated on these material developments. Management seems to have arbitrarily selected a one year efficacy data point for the phase III trial, although their phase II studies were only designed to demonstrate efficacy after three months as a primary endpoint. Confidence? Or stupidity? Check out their 1995 level company website and decide for yourself.

If we do get any heads up regarding the timing of topline data of the phase III trials, Nymox is a prime candidate for put options (although there does not seem to be an options market in Nymox at the present time).

Member Avatar deckdawg (82.54) Submitted: 7/15/2011 4:26:22 PM
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The company does look pretty shaky, however it does seem that the phase III trials are being taken seriously by the urology research community in the U.S. They did some sort of presentation at the American Urology Society (or some such organization) a couple of months ago. There are 4 or 5 urologist closely involved with the trials. I Googled everyone involved & couldn't find anything negative. (The history of the company itself is pathetic). If the drug actually worked anything like claimed, it would be a big deal.

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