Ohr Opco, Inc. (NASDAQ:OHRP)

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Timing on Ohr Pharmaceutical will be interesting as they have a 5 Minute presentation this evening, hopes of which have driven the PPS up. It appears from the message board that speculators are encouraged that Dr. Elman will be giving the presentation. Interesting, he's not listed as one of the TWO employees of Ohr. Maybe the list needs updated.

Feuerstein has been a little hard on Ohr, which causes me to be surprised that this stock wasn't already in the CAPS portfolio to chose from. His piece on Feb 14th left Ohr with a 30% bruising, but it's gained most of that back in anticipate of the scientific data/comments/speculations that Dr. Ohr is expected to speak to in his five minutes.

Adam indicated that others have tried treating a "back of the eye" diseases like wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD), with a product that can "swim upstream", but were unsuccessful. Squalamine was deemed inferior in an injectable form and Ohr purchased it for $200,000 and is working on it in a drop form. Adam is generous in that he does indicate that should it be successful where others have failed, the bar of measuring reduced injections of Lucentis is questionable.
If successful, this is clearly a multi-Billion market, and the $200,000 will be well spent.
Assuming they can raise funds to continue ....
Right now cash in the bank is limited and book value is $0.22.
Overall the spike will either double after the "talk" or return to more realistic values.

Tick-tock...tick-tock Dr. Elman better hit the ball hard....

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