Universal Display Corp (NASDAQ:OLED)

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Universal Display researches, develops, and sells organic light emitting diode (OLED) technologies and materials for the flat-panel display industry.


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The future is bright for PANL:

1. Smartphone screens - They are providing OlED screens for many top range smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S & S2, Samsung Omnia 7, Nokia N8, HTC, Motorola, Acer etc...) and as production capacity increases so it would seem they will grab a greater share of this expanding market.

2. Tablet and gaming consol screens - Samsung Galaxy tab 7.1 is due to ship later this year with an Amoled screen, and the newest sony PSP is coming with an Amoled screen.

3. Flexible displays - these very cool, science fiction type displays don't seem far off from becoming a commercial reality. (UD is testing these with the US military at the moment)Surely, Digital Newspapers on a flexible, roll up display cant be far off...

4. TV's - It would seem that there will be a HUGE market for transulence flat screens in shopping malls, airports, etc...where the screen can be viewed from both front and back. Plus at home where the viewing angles, deep blacks and electricity savings all are in favour of OLED.

5. Lighting - Incandescents are being outlawed, CFl bulbs are less than ideal, LED bulbs cost $40 each - there doesn't apear to be a realistic alternative to incandescents...enter OLED lighting! (also the obsticals to commercialisation are all being hurdled - cost of production declining, lifetime of lights growing etc...)

Stocks are very often purchased for their future potential. There seems to be massive potential here.


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Member Avatar pdoherty972 (< 20) Submitted: 5/25/2011 2:53:47 PM
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Apple looking to use AMOLED for next iPad. Which also seems to imply they also intend to do so on the iPhone 5 (hence the delay in announcing it to give time for the new gen 5.5 Samsung OLED factory to ramp up - which it did this month)


"Seoul (The Korea Herald/ANN) - Apple Inc.'s chief operating officer Tim Cook discussed adopting Samsung's AMOLED display technology for tablet PCs during his recent visit to South Korea, industry sources said.

"Apple wants to tap into Samsung's AMOLED technology for an upgraded version of the iPad 2, considered as many by the iPad 3 that is likely to be launched toward the end of this year," a source told The Korea Herald on Wednesday on condition of anonymity.

Tim Cook is not only the COO, but also acting CEO of Apple. During Cook's trip last week, Apple seems to have offered Samsung an advance for the AMOLED displays, the source said."

Member Avatar JaydaFool (< 20) Submitted: 10/1/2011 1:58:17 PM
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The future is indeed bright. Samsung Galaxy 2 smartphone with Amoled display has sold 10 million unit in first five months. Samsung tablet 7" just released with higher res than iPad Amoled screen. Lighting agreements are being signed. Long term agreement is signed between UDC and Samsung display. Watch to see revenue come in at 15-18mil next quarter and expenses at 12-13mil. Nicely profitable ahead on analyst expectations.

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