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I'm pessimistic about the Internet Fairness Act and its ability to pass in Congress. I expect to see an increase in user growth, listening hours and the number of contracts with automotive companies. It won't be until costs come down and the product offerings of Microsoft and Spotify mature that we will get a better idea of Pandora's long term business prospects. Then there is Apple. I believe that Apple can obtain significantly cheaper royalties with major record labels if not only because of the leverage it has with iTunes. Additionally, Apple's penetration into the automotive market (being able to use your iphone with the car's technology package) is possibly the nail in the coffin for Pandora if user growth and revenue from their traditional mobile and computer devices slow.

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What I find interesting is that so many people would rather use their phone's streaming radio in their automobile rather than their traditional radio right next to it.

I do agree with Apple's chances at getting cheaper royalty rates though I'm unsure about who will win the popularity vote in the long run.

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I find it appealing because with Pandora's services built directly into the system it continues to tailor my music selection based off my tastes from past likes and dislikes of specific songs. Unlike XM or FM radio, I can still skip songs or even block songs for 30 days. I get easily annoyed, especially with FM, but with XM too, when there are songs I dislike playing and I'm powerless to do anything but change the station.

Additionally, I don't want to use my phone to stream Pandora or other services because it takes too much data. Pandora found an appealing niche in the car market. When you think of substitutes, free substitues, you think of Youtube and Spotify, but these options aren't available in the car without sacrificing high data usage and spending time to connect your device every time you get in the car (Bluetooth an exception, but battery life is a concern).

I'm convinced Apple will win in the long run. Having the option to use a single service not only for their new radio-like service that will take on Pandora and Spotify, but to have easy access to purchased music, podcasts and other ripped CDs will be a market disrupter. Pandora is another player in the very fragmented digital audio market that I believe, strategically speaking, needs to partner with a service, like Amazon or Google Play, that complements the advantages of "exploring new music" by giving you access, in one place, to music you outright own, podcasts and audiobooks.

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While I would NEVER spend real money on this company, I did thumbs up it for CAPS. If you use P, you may have noticed that there are a lot more ads than there used to be. I think their revenues will be higher than expected. Earnings my be a little better but not much. But in the short term people will get a little excited about it. Don't get me wrong, long term it's junk, but short term I think it will be good.

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