PetMed Express, Inc. (NASDAQ:PETS)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

A nationwide pet pharmacy, that markets prescription and non-prescription pet medications, and other health products for dogs, cats, and horses direct to the consumer.


Player Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.60) Submitted: 3/18/2011 12:33:34 AM : Outperform Start Price: $11.07 PETS Score: -33.71

My little Sh*t-Zu Oscar recomended this stock to me.(Wag O' the tail)I'm telling you Oscar has mad stock picking skillz.Still strikes me as funny that I can't mention Oscar without the profanity filter kicking in... ; )Cheers!

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Member Avatar GRBB12 (< 20) Submitted: 11/8/2011 4:21:44 PM
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Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a stock trading at an Enterprise Value to EBITDA of 4.7x, with a 5% annual dividend yield, $50 million in cash (only a market cap of $200 million), and no debt. When you see something like this typically something is wrong with the underlying business model and unfortunately this is the case for PETS. The cracks are beginning to show, stock price is falling and earnings are weakening. The Company is a retailer with no true competitive advantage. Like many of these stocks, Amazon is going to eat their lunch. Amazon already offers the majority of their products at much lower prices. Given PETS margins, scalability, and overall size, this could be a short fight. I am staying away from this one.

Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.60) Submitted: 11/8/2011 7:19:50 PM
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Oscars DOG enough to admit when he's wrong, and has moved on to sniffing other trees.

No benefit from ending the Caps pick though. And honestly the metrics you put up really were'nt that bad. So he's willing to bury this pick in the backyard for awile and see what happens.

Full Disclosure- no real kibble was risked on this Caps pick.

Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (99.60) Submitted: 9/20/2013 9:00:29 PM
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Oscar strikes again!

Man, that dog was freakin' smart. Been two years now and I find myself researching puppies... uh-oh!

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