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consistently beats bullish analysts' estimates. (10/12 quarters from the past 3 years). Earnings from the most recent 3 quarters have beaten by 88.2% (1/2010), 164.7% (10/2009) and 34.8% (7/2009). This justifies why the trailing PE is high relative peers (~31) but at Friday's closing price, the forward PE is only 14.90. Price/sales is .97 (as compared 2.3 for S&P) and price/cash-flow is 9.1 (as compared to 21.6 for S&P). This stock is undervalued in my book and wall street is starting to catch on, which is why I am seeing increasingly lofty TP estimates - my bet is that PH does not disappoint.

Member Avatar musclemilk13 (99.54) Submitted: 2/16/2010 5:00:09 PM
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correction. this stock has beaten estimates 14/16 quarters.

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