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This is a classic example of a false moat. Building off zzlangerhans' example of treximet, Vimovo which is falsely being labeled as a "pain drug" (NSAIDs are fundamentally anti-inflammatory drugs- which secondarily may reduce pain levels) is a combination of naproxen and "immediate" acting omeprazole. Nexium (omeprazole) will be going generic in 2-3 years and naproxen is cheap and efficacious in it's generic form. Can someone tell me why I woulded just prescribe daily prilosec or a H2 blocker like ranitidine and generic naproxen instead of an expensive marketed (combo). Longs maybe you can address why I, as a practioner, would chose this product instead? POZN is producing illogical, impractical products thusfar. I hold no real life position, but am short long term in CAPs.

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i think the benefit is supposed to be that the vimovo/upcoming aspirin nexium coating is instant-release instead of taking a while like regular nexium. you'd probably have to pop a nexium then take your naproxin 30 minutes later to get the same effect. people just like less pills. will it sell? sure. will it sell a lot? who knows. the aspirin product will be all pozen's though- no partner. and it's likely to be approved since it's the same idea as vimovo. no debt, sales from trex and vim alone should put them at break-even at least, if not profitability.

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First a correction: generic nexium is esomeprazole, whereas omeprazole more commonly known as prilosec will set you back about 20 bucks for 28 pills with a prescription. Naproxen is dirt cheap and in it's enteric coated form affordable to most.

This is an example of big pharma (astra zeneca in this case):

1. pushing every last bit of paste out of the tube by trying to extend patents.
2. gives pharma a reason to send reps out in the field and serve luch to make a pitch on related products.

As Khrushchev said "same s***, new flies". This does nothing more than increase the cost of healthcare.

As a CAPS player my concerns are:

1. The study I have seen related vimovo vs. EC Naproxen alone. It showed significant reduction in peptic ulcer disease and gastritis.... shocking. What I haven't seen a study of is Vimovo vs EC naproxen plus "regular" esomeprazole, omeprazole or ranitidine. I see no proof that this combo drug decrease incidence of gastric issues less than those.

As a practioner my concerns are:

1. This may give patients who are high risk of gastric complications a false sense of security in taking NSAIDs.
2. This will most surely require prior authorization from every insurance company (meaning they won't pay for it unless you put up a fight). Which is not only a pain in my rear (which makes any practioner less likely to Rx without a real motivator) but will set back the patient a lot of cash. Would you rather pay 30 bucks a month or 380 when you find out your insurance declined coverage.

What people enjoy even less than taking multiple pills is paying a huge wad just to buy what they are prescribed- cost is a huge factor in non-compliance.

Whether this is ASA or naproxen or sumitriptan, the story remains the same. I see no evident benefit thusfar for my patient clinically or in their pocketbook.

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